Our programs are competitively priced, and niche focused to serve a specific market segment. The success of our organization is built on our industry-leading reputation. Our team consistently exhibits tremendous intellectual capital and underwriting insight, while also exceeding the expectations of our clients with our approach to customer service. We work exclusively with agents that specialize in our niche market segments.

Umbrella Coverage


HARP Two is designed for:

  • Condominiums – Residential / Commercial
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Timeshares
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Buildings – Office / Mercantile
  • Shopping Centers

Community Associations Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability

In community associations nationwide, board members’ personal assets are at risk for decisions they make while administering by-laws. Securing insurance coverage for these boards is tough in today’s market, as losses become more frequent and insurance premiums rise. It’s more important than ever to offer the best insurance solution to your clients – and that’s where HARP comes in. Our program offers competitive pricing and broad coverage for most types of community associations, including:

  • Defense Outside the Limit
  • Defense Costs Coverage for Breach of Contract Claims
  • Coverage for Non-Monetary Claims
  • Automatic Coverage for the Property Management Company

Employment Practices Liability (Hospitality)

Employee-related lawsuits have reached record numbers. Our Employment Practices Liability Advantage is specifically designed to provide hospitality businesses like yours with the protection they need today.

Community Associations Workers Compensation

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Trivedi Capacity Associates

Trivedi Capacity Associates is a specialty programs provider that focuses on commercial risks, particularly in the hotel and community association space. The management team provides specialized expertise, quick automation and ease of doing business to independent agents and brokers across the country. We are part of the Jencap family, which comprises ten industry-leading insurance brands that provide unique specialization, unparalleled market access, and nationwide influence. Encompassing expertise from every corner of the industry, Jencap is the ultimate, award-winning insurance family.

What is a Risk Purchasing Group?

A risk purchasing group (RPG) is a collection of unrelated but homogeneous risks that buy liability insurance as a collective. By banding together, the RPG is afforded the same economic buying power as individual large risks so that it can use economies of scale to buy insurance coverage with favorable terms.
Trivedi Capacity Associates

HARP is a risk purchasing group formed pursuant to the Risk Retention Act of 1986 (15 U.S.C. 3901 et. Seq.) ("ACT") in order to permit a group of individuals who share common or similar liability exposure to join together to purchase liability insurance on a group basis. Each member shall receive its own limit of insurance, limits are not shared with other members. The RPG places insurance with financially stable insurance companies who have a commitment to the real estate/hospitality industry.

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